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Share Your Tom Bradley Story is an innovative program to post and share stories about Mayor Tom Bradley and his legacy. It is an opportunity to bridge cultural and racial barriers, and facilitate a multi-generational understanding of our shared history.

Spring 2012. A group of Los Angeles high school students from Dorsey, Jefferson, Santee and Crenshaw are participating in the new Mayor Tom Bradley Intergenerational Leadership Summit and Video Training Program. This pilot project is a partnership between the filmmakers, the Los Angeles Urban League and CDTech It is sponsored by WIB and ONESOURCE.

And a big thank you to the editing instructors who worked with these students on their videos. They are: Gabriel Diamond, Bill Megalos, Oliver Shipley, and Jesus Silva! And to Michelle Crenshaw and Oliver Shipley who taught the youth various camera and audio skills.

Photographs courtesy of: the Tom Bradley family, the Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation at UCLA, the California African American Museum and the City of Los Angeles' Office of the Chief Legislative Analyst.


What I see today

Posted on Jun 09, 2012 by DeJanae Robles
Category: Video

today with doing my video I brushed up my skills in doing final cut pro. I knew how to do it before but today i learned some new techniques and shortcuts on how to edit quicker and make my sound louder then the original. I think I will most likely be using this again but other then that today I added some more skills to my list.

About the Student: DeJanae Robles

DeJanae Robles
Dorsey high student 18yrs old determine and progressive with thoughts

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