MICHELLE CRENSHAW, Cinematographer

Michelle Crenshaw has been working in the motion picture industry her entire professional career. She was the cinematographer for various PBS documentaries including, HOMECOMING and THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH MANDELA, and the independent feature, THE WATERMELON WOMAN. She works as a camera operator on features and television, including HEROES and LIFE.

She has under studied with award-winning Directors of Photographers and worked as a camera assistant on: THE CLOSER, AMERICAN DREAMS, LOVE JONES, HOME ALONE 1 & 2, GRUMPIER OLD MEN, EYES ON THE PRIZE II and THE HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL.

Crenshaw is an instructor at Hollywood CPR, mentoring young adults aspiring to work in the field of cinematography, and has taught camera systems and techniques at various community-based media centers and private colleges.