TOM BRADLEY’S IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is a 46-minute educational documentary designed for inclusion in 11th grade high school history and 12th grade government classes. The film is accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum for educators, which is aligned to the Common Core standards.

TOM BRADLEY'S IMPOSSIBLE DREAM can be viewed by anyone in the player above (click the "Play" arrow to view). If you are a secondary or elementary school teacher, you can show the film to your class directly from the website or order a DVD. This special license is only for secondary and elementary school teachers. All other educational institutions must purchase the DVD + Site/Local Streaming License. Please contact to purchase.

Please view and download the curriculum and discussion guide here:
11th Grade Curriculum  12th Grade Curriculum
Comprehensive Discussion Guide

To purchase a DVD of TOM BRADLEY’S IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, please click the button below to purchase using PayPal, or fill out the order form and mail it to us.

Thank you for your interest in using TOM BRADLEY’S IMPOSSIBLE DREAM as a teaching tool in your classroom.

To purchase BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: TOM BRADLEY AND THE POLITICS OF RACE​ for educational institutions, libraries and home use, click here​.